Our Work

Paramount Metal & Supply Company has a diverse project portfolio. Over 90% of our contracted projects are public works and completed with a rigorous design-build mentality, superior quality control, timely delivery, ease of dealing with PM&S, and a staff of engineering professionals who are ready to help you with your project.

Check out some of our work.

acquariumAquarium Plaza Fountain Railings

Stainless steel perimeter railing at the Aquarium Plaza Fountain Queens Bay, Long Beach, CA. The fence was added to the attraction to prevent visitors from slipping down the steps.

crossroads-school-for-the-arts-and-sciencesCrossroads School for the Arts & Sciences 

Designed by Ned Kahn in collaboration with architect, Fred Fisher, Paramount Metals fabricated the artwork which consists of a folded square frame that rises up from the roof of the new science building and warps a cable net into the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid. 1296 wind-animated vanes mounted to the cable net create a dynamic map of the ratio of wind forces to gravitational forces.

dana-point-pedestrian-bridge-smallDana Point Bridge

Paramount Metal & Supply Co. used considerable design-build skills to bring the architect’s vision to fruition for the pedestrian bridge over Pacific Coast Hwy.

pic freemont streetFremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

Paramount Metal & Supply Co. took over fabrication of the space frame system upon the default of the original fabricator. We completed 1/3 of the entire structure including design and build of all transformer/electrical platforms.

Queensway Bay Lighthouse, City of Long Beach

Fabrication and erection of 16 ft. diameter x 65 ft. tall prefab lighthouse onto the top of a park knoll.

pic canopyMetro Rail Station Canopy — Redline Station Entrance 

Paramount Metals & Supply Company designed and fabricated the canopies for subway portals in Los Angeles.  The canopies provide a strong visual marker for the Metro stations.

pic irwindaleMetro Stations: Irwindale 

The Irwindale light rail station was constructed as part of the Gold Line Foothill Extension.  Paramount Metals & Supply provided the steel fabrication for the station.

Metro Exposition Corridor Phase 2 

Miramar Sheraton, Santa Monica 

Paramount Metals & Supply provided the design and steel fabrication for the gate that enters the hotel.

pic PlayvistaPlaya Vista Welcome Tower 

The Welcome Tower for the Runway at Playa Vista intent was to merge art and architecture. Paramount Metals and Supply provided the fabrication.

pic rowland heightsRowland Heights Community Center Figure 8

The 10-foot-high sculpture, titled Figure, by artists Barbara McCarren and Jud Fine has many meanings and is designed to be explored from various perspectives—culturally, historically and scientifically. To create the artwork, Paramount Metals laser cut the text, numbers, and symbols out of strips of stainless steel. After welding the pieces together, the stainless steel sculpture was “bead blasted,” a finishing technique that creates a matte finish.

pic waveWave Huntington Beach

Steel sculpture developed and built from 3D computer model generated from artist’s sketches.

lax-crenshaw-tunnel-shoring-strutsLAX Crenshaw Tunnel Shoring Struts

Paramount Metals fabricated the intricate components of the new Los Angeles below grade rail system.